FREE Interactive 100-Chart

In a recent post, I shared some of my favorite free digital resources from  Today I’d like to introduce you to a simple but fabulous digital tool from ABCYa!  Their interactive 100-chart allows you to color code numbers with a click.  For years, I’ve printed out stacks of 100-charts for kids to color, but that is time-consuming and using so much paper.  With a digital chart, kids can quickly fill in, fix mistakes, notice patterns, and make changes.

There are tons of games and activities you can do with a 100-chart, but I especially like them for teaching the concept of skip counting, memorizing multiples, and discovering patterns and relationships between different numbers.  For example, here is a chart with the multiples of 3 shaded in yellow and the multiples of 5 shaded in blue.  Squares that are in both groups are shaded in green and represent the multiples of 15.  Playing with these ideas helps students understand number composition and divisibility, as well as increasing their fluency with multiplication and division.





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