Not Your Average Sex Reveal

My husband and I are Gen-Xers living in a Millennial world.  We don’t buy into all of the aggressively cute self-aggrandizing of modern parenting.

When we found out Baby #3 was on the way, we didn’t browse Pinterest for a sickly-sweet photo op idea.  Instead, we just told our kids.

But we also recorded it, which resulted in our somewhat unconventional pregnancy announcement:

For past pregnancies, we have always found out the baby’s sex during our 20-week ultrasound.  This time around we figured our oldest, who is almost four, understood what was going on well enough to have a vested interest in the outcome.  Since he and little brother had done such a bang up job with the pregnancy announcement, we wanted to let him handle the sex reveal, too.

For weeks leading up to the ultrasound, we quizzed him with two sight word flashcards: “boy” and “girl.”


At our appointment, we looked away while the ultrasound tech made the call and sealed the appropriate flashcard in a super-secret, ultra-high security envelope.  Then we let our kid open it and read it.  We may not be cute, but at least we are funny!  Enjoy!

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