Fall Leaves: Easy Preschool Art Project

While walking home from our neighborhood playground, my boys discovered some brilliantly colored maple leaves and could not resist collecting them.

At first, I attempted to press them in wax paper to preserve them, but I encountered three issues:

  • The wax paper refused to seal on one side.  It was the end of the roll, so maybe there just wasn’t enough waxiness on it.  Who knows?  Quite frustrating.
  • Where I could get a good seal, the leaf colors really didn’t show well through the paper.
  • My three-year-old couldn’t help wield the hot iron safely, so he immediately became disinterested and wandered off.

In short, a failure.  I needed a new approach.

My kids love window clings and reusable stickers, so we made our own window clings out of our fall leaves.  They were nicely flattened and thinly coated in wax already from our failed preservation experiment, so the kids arranged them on the window and I used a little plastic wrap to stick them.  Even my toddler had a ball doing this.  Way more involvement for them; way less frustration for me.

And they look awesome.


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