Daylight Savings: Put Your “Extra” Hour to Good Use

Before I had kids, “Fall Back” was my favorite day of the year.  For weeks leading up to it, I’d plot how I was going to spend my extra hour.  Then I had children and discovered that daylight savings time is just one more thing kids ruin alter beyond recognition.

Nobody gives toddlers the memo that they’re supposed to sleep an extra hour so that Mommy doesn’t regret staying up until three a.m. binge-watching Stranger Things.

Instead of begrudging our children that extra time we thought we could blow late at night, as parents we need to shift our expectations.  “Fall back” doesn’t give us an extra hour on Saturday night — it gives us an extra hour Sunday morning.  Rather than spend it in some empty self-indulgence, consider taking some extra time with those little ones who are growing so fast.

Stay Cozy

While your kids are unlikely to sleep late, that’s no reason you can’t be a little lazy.  Stay in your jammies a while longer, and start your day slowly by snuggling up for some story time together.  Eat a slow breakfast.  Have some bonus cuddles.


Get Outside

Take advantage of the beautiful fall weather and spend that extra hour outside.  Go to a local park, take a walk, or just play in your own backyard.  Collect some leaves, throw a few horseshoes, or try to get that neglected kite off the ground.  A little fresh air will put the whole family in a good mood to start the day.

Try Something New

Spend your extra time tomorrow morning trying something you’ve been putting off.  Maybe it’s a new game you’ve been meaning to show the kids.  Maybe it’s a home science experiment you saw on Pinterest and haven’t attempted yet.  Maybe you have some new art supplies you’ve been itching to open.  Now’s your chance.

Don’t put it off another minute.


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