"Outside" was our three-year-old's first two-syllable word.  By the time he was about sixteen months old, he would go to our front door and ask to go outside, usually while signing "please." He was absolutely right. Kids need to be out in the fresh air.  We are home for President's Day and taking advantage of... Continue Reading →

Keep It Real

When teaching your littles about money, you can buy plastic coins and paper dollars, but why waste your real money buying fake money?  Any time you can use real-world objects for manipulatives, go for it! Today Daddy and our three-year-old are working with real money to learn about how the values of different bills compare... Continue Reading →

In A Blink

It's happening today: my baby is turning one. While many advantages draw me to home schooling -- flexibility, individual pace, custom curriculum -- none come close to the idea of spending more time with my boys.  Childhood passes in a blink, and maybe this seems selfish, but I want to spend as much of it... Continue Reading →


"Behold how pleasant and how good it is for brothers to dwell together in unity." Psalm 133:1 One of my biggest draws to home schooling is these two besties getting to spend more of their time together. How has home schooling impacted your children's friendships with each other?  


Today my grandma, my boys' only living great-grandparent, turns ninety.  From building domino castles and hand-churning ice cream to her official turkey stuffing recipe (which bids the reader to "find a cat" to deal with the liver), this woman is legend. She tromped all around tarnation with us collecting leaves and flowers to press and... Continue Reading →

The Beginning

I am a mom of two very young boys, as well as a mathematics teacher at a small Catholic elementary school.  While I have always enjoyed teaching other people's children, my true love is working with my own kids and watching them grow.  It is rare for families to home school when both parents work... Continue Reading →

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