Homemade Rope-Climbing Toy

Pull the string down, and watch the toy go up! Fun and simple mechanical toy you can build with materials you probably already have in your basement.

Sensory Play: Kinetic Sand Treasure Hunt

Kinetic sand is a great option for a sensory bin! Check out how we're using it for some quiet parallel play time.

Games for Fine Motor Development

We love classic board games, but we're recently gotten to know a few new ones, too! Great for whole family play with mixed ages!

Stolen Moments: Nature Studies in Five Minutes or Less

Did you know Charlotte Mason said little kids should be outside for six hours a day in fair weather?  That sounds awesome to me, Charlotte. Unfortunately, our schedule is a bit tight for that right now.  Since making the daylight savings switch, we leave home each morning right around sunrise and usually get back right... Continue Reading →

Math Everywhere: Halloween Candy

My husband and I are not big candy eaters, so we’re a little uncertain about what to do with the post-Halloween pile of sugar sitting on our kitchen hutch. Our kids have not been very interested in eating it either, with one exception: our preschooler loves M&Ms. He doesn’t ask for them often, but maybe... Continue Reading →

Preschool Science: Oil & Water, Day 2

My son had so much fun with our oil and water activity that he recently came up to me with the bottle of baby oil in his hand and asked if we could do another project with it.  Always ready to think on my feet, I grabbed some food coloring and we put together this... Continue Reading →

Preschool Science: Magic Milk

All of our preschool science projects lately have to have a color-mixing element.  My three-year-old is fascinated by this process and will plunge with delight into any project that involves food coloring.  Here is one of my favorite science/art crossover activities, an absolute classic we enjoyed one recent afternoon: Magic Milk You will need: a... Continue Reading →

Preschool Science: Oil & Water

My preschooler goes bananas for any project that involves food coloring, so this week, we dyed some water and experimented with how it behaved in a bowl of baby oil.  You can use any type of oil for this, but we make homemade wipes, so we always have plenty of baby oil on hand! We... Continue Reading →

Gardening with a Preschooler: The Strawberry Experiment

This summer for one of his projects, my three year old has been diligently caring for a strawberry plant. He waters it, keeps it clear of weeds, and on three separate occasions has had the supreme delight of picking a strawberry off of it. That's right. Spoiled as it is, the plant has only yielded... Continue Reading →

Art Camp

Last week, we went to Art Camp.  Every year for the past twelve years, my family has descended en masse on my aunt's cottage on Lake Huron.  Here we do normal family vacation things -- like enjoy big meals together and play outside and go swimming and have board game tournaments -- and not so... Continue Reading →

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