Just a few resources we’ve found indispensable in our homeschooling journey!

  • Ron Paul Curriculum
    Wish you could homeschool but don’t have the time?  Homeschooling now but exhausted?  Trying to raise your kids with principles and character?  We use a lot of different books, videos, and adventures to educate our kids, but the spine of what we do is right here: Ron Paul Curriculum.
  • The Tuttle TwinsThe Tuttle Twins - a child's foundation of freedom
    Clear, engaging, and rooted in truth, The Tuttle Twins are the perfect resource for teaching your child the basics of liberty, economics, and government.  I have used these books with my students (grades 5 – 8) as well as with my own children.  They are phenomenal!  I strongly recommend starting with The Miraculous Pencil
  • Liberty Classroom
    My husband and I have both used Liberty Classroom for our own enrichment and continuing education in history, government, and economics.

Tom Wood's Liberty Classroom

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