Cave Hike

We are taking our boys to Olympic National Park for a week this summer, so we did a little trial run this weekend.  We hiked down to a cave near our house -- about a 2.5 mile loop -- with little brother in the backpack and big brother on foot.  Our three-year-old has never walked... Continue Reading →

Bird Watching 

To say that I enjoy watching birds is a bit of an understatement. Essentially, if you are driving, don't ask me to navigate because chances are good that I'm going to miss our turn if an interesting bird flies overhead. I also find practically every bird interesting. I come by this honestly. My grandfather was... Continue Reading →

All Aboard!

Albert Einstein said, "Play is the highest form of research."  This is most true when our children play with toys that allow them to create, experiment, and solve problems. Our three-year-old is enchanted with his wooden train set these days.  He's developing his understanding of some basic engineering as he figures out where to place... Continue Reading →

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