Teach Your Child to Read: Phonics Resources We Love

Teaching your child to read may seem a daunting task, but just as you taught your child to walk and talk, you can absolutely teach your child this wonderful and necessary skill. Here are the resources we have found most effective in supporting our budding readers.  Please leave your own recommendations in the comments as well!

BOB Books

Designed by master teacher Bobby Lynn Maslen, BOB books are one of the most popular resources for early reading and a wonderful addition to your home library.  These short, simple stories help new readers by introducing only a few new sounds in each book.  Young readers feel comfortable and confident as they gradually build their vocabulary and fluency through the repetition of sounds, sight words, and familiar characters.


Preschool Prep Series

We discovered the Preschool Prep Series through our local library.  Their phonics and sight words DVDs have been especially impactful for our kids.  They provide a very simple, streamlined approach to introducing letter sounds, digraphs, blends, and sight words.


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  1. I just started using All About Reading with my four year old. I like that they incorporate games into their reading programs. The Bob books worked well for my first daughter who was really motivated to read. It was harder to get my second daughter to focus and we would both get frustrated. I love curriculums that keep learning fun and help lighten the mood.

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