Election Day: An Introduction to Peaceful Parenting

Change doesn’t begin in the voting booth — it begins at home.  Today, in honor of the 2018 midterm elections, here’s an introduction to peaceful parenting.  Peaceful parenting is a method of raising children in an environment free from violence and coercion.  If we want a better country and a better world, we need to start by being better people, especially in the relationships that matter most.

In the first video, you’ll hear peaceful parenting advocate Stefan Molyneux discuss spanking with another dad, and in the second, Molyneux is joined by his own nine-year-old daughter to talk about how they approach and resolve conflict.  In addition to the practical advice, note the tone of playfulness and joy between this man and his daughter.  What if you could have conversations like this with your children?

Today is the day to start.

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