Building Number Sense: Estimation 180

Estimation 180 helps students build number sense and practice using different units of measurement.  Designed by math teacher Andrew Stadel, the website presents students with a different photo each day and asks them to estimate some quantity shown.  Each day also has a Google form where students can submit their answers and see all the responses given by others.  Many of the questions build off of previous days, requiring students to recall what they learned earlier and apply it to a new or expanded situation.

I’ve been using this site regularly with my 5th – 8th graders this year, and they LOVE it.  I created my own form for them to submit their answers each day so that we can see the data for our school.  We also use this as an opportunity to review and practice basic statistics — range, mean, median, mode, and outliers.  Before we reveal the exact answers, we discuss how they made their decisions — often with some lively debate!

I highly recommend this site as a fun, engaging way to add a few more minutes of math into your daily routine!

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