Deck the Halls: Christmas Ornament for Your Littles

Start with a clear glass bauble, white craft paint, a clean pair of hands, and rolled-up sleeves.  Honestly, when I’ve done this with my one-year-old, I just strip him down completely.

(As a side note, you will want to buy these ornaments well ahead of time.  Part of the reason I’m publishing this so early is that these things go like hot cakes in the weeks leading up to Christmas.  Last year, I couldn’t find them anywhere and had to rely on the good graces of a friend who gave me a few extra she had.  Buy them today.  They will keep!)


Pick an adorable hand that is growing too fast and paint it white.  Then have your kid reach out (slowly) and grasp the ornament.


You may have to adjust how much paint you need in order to get a good print.  I like to use gloss enamel for any painting on glass, and I add a little water so that the paint doesn’t dry too quickly on little hands.  Since the surface is glass, it washes off readily as long as the paint is wet.  If you act quickly, you can do a few tries.  Your limiting factor here will be your little one’s patience.

Once you have a good print, you can call it a day or you can add little seasonal details.  Here’s one with the fingers dressed up as snowmen.  There are a million cute ideas for this on Pinterest.  I like doing this project on a clear glass ornament because you can still easily see the hand print through the back.  Don’t forget to label it with the date!

Are you working on any keepsakes this holiday season?

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