Toddler Fine Motor Practice

A look at what our second son is up to at eighteen months:

Fine motor skills are on this guy’s mind daily as he works to understand and manipulate the world around here.  Recent conquests have included mastering the zippered case that holds his pop-up tunnel and chopping all the food in his Melissa & Doug Fruit & Veggie Set.


He is also ferociously attacking the task of dressing himself, including putting on his own Crocs and shorts, though it doesn’t always go quite as planned.  Whether his shoes are on the wrong feet or he’s trying to put on multiple pairs of shorts, he is soldiering through the rough patches and getting a bit more independent each day!

How are you providing opportunities for your toddler to practice and explore?

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  1. He’s such a cutie! My youngest is just 13 months so we’re still working on things like stacking blocks and rings. My three year old, however, can do just about anything BUT put on his own clothes. I mean, he CAN do the undies and shorts but he pretty much refuses. Socks and shirts? Forget about it!

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