Children Learn Everywhere

Ah, the wisdom of John Holt!  It seems a simple idea, but we so often forget that our children are learning all the time through every experience they have and every idea they encounter. Read more to find out how our two-year-old reminded us of this simple fact in a surprising way!

Five Minute Science: Rainbow Rain

Another great science activity -- quick and easy demonstration you can do with items you already have around your house.

Recommended Read: We’re Going on a Bear Hunt

Helen Oxenbury's beautiful illustrations bring fresh life to this classic tale of daring and adventure! Another highly recommended read!

Techie Pro Tip: Make Any App Ad-Free

Want your kids to be able to enjoy an app without constant interruptions from ads? Don't purchase the ad-free version! Just use this simple tip to prevent ads from even loading on your device!

Volume: Give to the Hand

A basic principle of education: always give the concrete before the abstract.  In other words, give a new idea to the hand before you give it to the mind. We are generally awesome at this with little kids.  Walk into any kindergarten or first grade classroom in America, and you'll marvel at the mountains of... Continue Reading →

Why Homeschool? An Interview with One of My Hero(in)es

Have a listen to an interview that nudged me over the edge into homeschooling!

Read Aloud Booklist

Where to find our favorite reads! Got a great read aloud book? Let us know and we'll check it out!

How and Why to DIY

I am no creative genius, but since having kids, I have found time and again that making something myself was better than buying.  Generally, I make it myself if it is 1) cheaper, 2) better quality, or 3) better tailored to what I want or need. Shortly before my first son was born, my grandmother... Continue Reading →

Recommended Read: Chewy Louie

 Hilarious details in Schneider's illustrations bring to life this sweet, sincere narrative from a young boy.  When his father surprises him one day with a little black puppy, the whole family is in for wild ride! For anybody who's ever loved a naughty puppy, Chewy Louie will tickle your funny bone and warm your heart. We are... Continue Reading →

DIY Puppet Theater: “Goodnight Gorilla”

A few tomato stakes, some stuffed animals, and an old tablecloth all come together to make some magical childhood memories. Grab some popcorn and check out our homemade puppet theater.

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