Classical Music Appreciation

To increase my kids' exposure to and appreciation for classical music, I signed us up for "Summer Sound Bites: Classical Meets Cartoons" through Erica Johns's website,  Enrichment Studies.   We've been enjoying our daily dose of cartoons set to classical music, which have included many Looney Tunes shorts that I recognize from my own childhood.  This has led us down... Continue Reading →

FREE Interactive 100-Chart

In a recent post, I shared some of my favorite free digital resources from  Today I'd like to introduce you to a simple but fabulous digital tool from ABCYa!  Their interactive 100-chart allows you to color code numbers with a click.  For years, I've printed out stacks of 100-charts for kids to color, but... Continue Reading →

FREE Digital Manipulatives from Math Learning Center

We love a good math manipulative!  Children absolutely need concrete examples before they can grasp abstract math concepts, and there are many wonderful tools available for this purpose.  However, if we were all to stock our home or classroom with every available math manipulative, not only would we be spendin' those Benjamins, we'd also have... Continue Reading →

Groups of Ten: Card Games to Reinforce Math Facts

Mastering pairs that add to ten is an important early math skill.  Students who commit these pairings to memory are better prepared for concepts such as place value, regrouping, and partial products, as well as more adept at moving from pencil and paper to mental math in increasingly complex calculations. My four-year-old has already been... Continue Reading →

Homeschooling and Liberty

The Homeschooling and Liberty Summit begins February 1st!  This free online summit features speakers such as Tom Woods and Ron Paul, with one speech delivered to your inbox daily.  Whether you are already homeschooling, considering the possibility, or simply unhappy with your child's school situation and looking for answers and alternatives, don't miss this exciting and... Continue Reading →

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