Teach Your Child to Read: Phonics Resources We Love

Teaching your child to read may seem a daunting task, but just as you taught your child to walk and talk, you can absolutely teach your child this wonderful and necessary skill. Here are the resources we have found most effective in supporting our budding readers.  Please leave your own recommendations in the comments as... Continue Reading →

Christmas Classics: Tomie dePaola

Get ready to grab some cocoa and snuggle in with your favorite kiddos for these wonderful Christmas books!

A Smarter Way to Black Friday

Today is the day to get on board with one of my all-time favorite resources for your continuing education! Tom Woods's Liberty Classroom is packed full of stuff you need to know, and membership is deeply discounted for Black Friday!! Take the plunge! Today is your day!

Election Day: An Introduction to Peaceful Parenting

An introduction to peaceful parenting -- how to raise your children without violence and coercion. Today is the day to start.

Walking Robot Project & The Physics of Easter Island

For thousands of years, the ingenuity of human beings has allowed us to do the seemingly impossible. Check out these two examples of how physics and a little creative thinking can have almost magical results!

Don’t Buy This… YET

Far and away my favorite resource for my own continuing education, Liberty Classroom is an ever-growing library of courses orchestrated by author and historian Tom Woods.  An outspoken advocate for the non-aggression principle and Austrian economics, Woods has published twelve books on history, politics, and economics, and he has produced over 1200 podcast episodes interviewing... Continue Reading →

Cooking with Kids: Applesauce & Apple Butter

The weather is finally cooling off and we are soaking up that autumn sunshine!  We love apples anytime, but especially in the fall, so to celebrate, we'd like to share our favorite super easy recipes for applesauce and apple butter.  While the hot parts do require adult supervision, these recipes are kid-friendly, all natural, and absolutely... Continue Reading →

Tracking Your Preschooler’s Progress: One Easy Method

Recently, some friends of ours gave our kids a box of over 1000 stickers. As much as I enjoy scraping stickers off my hardwood floors, we decided to use them a bit more productively instead! Check out this fun and simple method for tracking and encouraging your preschooler's progress!

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