Free Digital Resources: Teaching Fractions, Decimals, & Percents

A couple of resources today to help you work with your child on fractions, decimals, and percents. has a digital fraction tile set that is worth checking out.  Simple enough to be intuitive yet flexible enough to be useful, this free resource includes tiles with the most common denominators students will encounter.  What really... Continue Reading →

Read Aloud with Baby

Most parents are familiar with the benefits, both intellectual and relational, that stem from reading aloud to their children.  However, what you may not know is that these benefits begin at birth and are not at all contingent on baby understanding the material that is read.  The sound of a familiar voice, the bonding of a shared experience, the exposure to broad vocabulary and complex sentence structure -- all of these help to build and strengthen baby's rapidly developing brain.

Classical Music Appreciation

To increase my kids' exposure to and appreciation for classical music, I signed us up for "Summer Sound Bites: Classical Meets Cartoons" through Erica Johns's website,  Enrichment Studies.   We've been enjoying our daily dose of cartoons set to classical music, which have included many Looney Tunes shorts that I recognize from my own childhood.  This has led us down... Continue Reading →

FREE Interactive 100-Chart

In a recent post, I shared some of my favorite free digital resources from  Today I'd like to introduce you to a simple but fabulous digital tool from ABCYa!  Their interactive 100-chart allows you to color code numbers with a click.  For years, I've printed out stacks of 100-charts for kids to color, but... Continue Reading →

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