Homemade Rope-Climbing Toy

Pull the string down, and watch the toy go up! Fun and simple mechanical toy you can build with materials you probably already have in your basement.

The Read-Aloud Handbook: Whys and Whats of Reading to Your Children

Jim Trelease's masterful treasury of read aloud books will help re-energize your reading with your children and build your wish list for your next library visit.

Authentic Biblical Study for Kids: What’s in the Bible?

An incredible resource for giving your children a foundational understanding of the Bible and sparking powerful and meaningful conversation.

Reading 101: Sight Words

Today we're sharing a wonderful resource for teaching reading! Even if you already have a curriculum, this site has a treasure trove of games and activities that will complement any program.

Sensory Play: Kinetic Sand Treasure Hunt

Kinetic sand is a great option for a sensory bin! Check out how we're using it for some quiet parallel play time.

Cooking with Kids: Brown Sugar Muffins

This week my little helpers fired up the KitchenAid mixer for another round of "Cooking with Kids!" Check out this simple recipe for delicious brown sugar muffins from scratch.

Games for Fine Motor Development

We love classic board games, but we're recently gotten to know a few new ones, too! Great for whole family play with mixed ages!

Big A, little a: Learning Letters for Toddlers

Learning letters with our squirmy worm two-year-old! Some strategies to try with an active little one.

Sibling Bonding and Character Building

We chose homeschooling for many reasons, but among the most important is the time our children have to spend with their siblings.

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